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Record Breakers Educational Series (READS): READS Campaign Africa

READS Campaign Africa is aimed at ending child labour and fighting for the rights and wellbeing of children through short and educative stories, and poetry that offers a timely solution to environmental and societal crimes committed against children.

The cause of the campaign is championed by the creation and promotion of educative stories and plays that emphasize children’s right to education.

So many people have spoken against child labour in the past, but from experience, word of mouth has little or no effect in ending this pandemic. ‘Secrets are best kept in books,’ they say. The READS titles are out to reveal the secrets.

Books under the READS category serve as a modern medium to sensitize the society, create awareness, and inform the public on the need to get about 70% of the children on the streets into the classrooms.

We believe every child deserves the right to education, not excluding those with disabilities. We also believe every child can become anything they choose to be if provided with the means and support. To objectify and consolidate this belief, Books of Record, through the READS Campaign, create and promote educative stories that emphasize children’s right to education, eradication of child labour, elimination of abuse and molestation, youth motivation to achieve academic success, youth participation in innovative thinking and creativity.

Yearly, we offer new and unpublished authors, all over Africa, excellent opportunities and publishing contracts to write short stories, plays, and poetry under the vision of the READS Campaign.

Writers whose works are selected get published on the Record Breakers’ website and app with a publishing grant. The finalists are invited to the annual READS African Conference in Nigeria, where the winner of READS African Writers Award is crowned.

READS African Conference, which is the product of READS Campaign African Foundation, is an annual program of Books of Record Nigeria Limited, which holds in Nigeria. The conference targets Africans living on the continent and beyond, as it brings their attention to the pandemic of child labour.

Join the Campaign now

To join the READS Campaign Africa, kindly drop your first name, email, and location. Add ‘YES’ to the message and send to: Our team will contact you for details.