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READS Campaign African Foundation

We are a community of people committed to carrying out the Sustainable Development Goals; vis-à-vis quality education. Our programs advocate for education to be prioritized as we target street children who are least likely to receive an education. The expected outcome of the program is that all children access quality education within a safe learning environment.

Our major goal is not just to advocate getting children off the streets, we practice what we preach. We show examples and take the lead, create awareness and engage in the conquest to stop every form of child labour through the READS Campaign Africa. Our Foundation, the READS Africa Foundation, alongside our donors, created a scholarship scheme where we sponsor the education of these former street children.

Let’s save the children who have no access to quality education in Africa. It is time to end child labour and return the street children to the classrooms. Mother Teresa said, if you cannot feed a hundred people, then feed one. Support our scholarship scheme and save a child.

You too can help us connect with more street children in order to do more and have an impact on the world at large. Donate Now! Click here to donate.


Our vision is to end all forms of child labour.


Our mission is to educate the society about children’s right to education, create, and promote educative stories about children’s plights.