Rekordbreakers Step-By-Step Publishing


How it Works. Get Started!

In this tutorial, you’ll find out how to upload your first e-book and maximize the amazing opportunities Rekordbreakers has to offer. You will learn how to become a Rekordbreaker.

Step 1: Create a Rekordbreakers Account

Input your first name, surname, and screen name. Kindly pay special attention to the screen name. It is preferable to go with your first name and/or surname to create the right impression and establish yourself as a professional author. Input your email and phone number. Create your password.

Keep in mind that your unique author’s profile on the Rekordbreakers platform will rank in search engines as soon as your work(s) starts attracting views and reviews.

Once you click the “Sign Up!” button, Rekordbreakers will send you a confirmation email. Click the link in the email to complete your registration.

Step 2: Complete your Registration


  • Upload a professional picture. If you’ve already built a readership through a website, blog, or social media site, consider using the headshot or picture image you’ve used on those pages. You can potentially increase sales if people recognize you and associate you with your other works.
  • Add a video if you have, but if you don’t, ignore this part. This is a great opportunity to build your author brand by introducing yourself to potential readers and sharing relevant information about your experiences or expertise.
  • Add links to your website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Wattpad, and MySpace properties. Adding this information gives interested readers the opportunity to connect with you on multiple platforms, as well as learn more about you, your books, and your business.
  • Include an author bio. Aim for a short, meaningful, and interesting bio that entices readers to check out your books. Try to highlight relevant facts and achievements that may help your marketing efforts.

Step 3: Upload Your e-book File

Rekordbreakers accepts professionally formatted e-book files. Be sure to double check the file you’re uploading. Ensure it is formatted to standard, and also the final version of your e-book.

Step 4: Enter your e-book’s Title and Synopsis

In this section, you should fill in your attention grabbing title, as well as your e-book’s blurb. You’ll notice that the Rekordbreakers’ platform allows for two commentaries. The first commentary should entice, while the second should include additional information that might help readers in their purchasing decision.

Step 5: Select your e-book Categories

Choose the correct categories in this section. It helps Rekordbreakers index your book properly. You’ll also avoid any potential problems once your book is approved, published, and distributed.

Step 6: Add Tags

Tagging your e-book with relevant keywords is essential if you want readers to find your book easily.

Step 7: Upload Your Cover Image

Before uploading your amazing cover, make certain your image meets the size and format required. Do NOT upload the mockup of your book. What you should upload is the front of your book cover design.

Step 8: Set Your Price

Rekordbreakers offers pricing responsibility to the publishers.

Step 9: Choose a payment method

For authors within Nigeria, we make direct deposit/transfer. For authors outside Nigeria, we pay through payoneer.

  • Direct deposit/transfer (We'll need your account information i.e. account name, account number, and bank.)
  • Payoneer (You'll need an account with them.)

For authors outside Nigeria, please note that payment through Payoneer comes with fees. We'll hold your royalties until they add up to a minimum threshold of $20; otherwise, we'll deliver payments once a month.

Step 10: Publish

Hit the “Publish” button. You’ll receive an email indicating your publish date. Further information will be communicated via your email.

You can monitor your book downloads and earnings when you click on “earnings/statistics”. At the end of the month, you can request for your royalty, which is 80% per book sold. To do this, click on “author’s withdrawal” button. Our payments are timely. For payments support, email: