Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rekordbreakers about?

Rekordbreakers is an e-book publishing and distribution platform owned by Books of Record Nigeria Limited. It is a global e-book distributor serving authors, publishers, readers, and major e-book retailers. Rekordbreakers has a website and a mobile app. The app is free to download from Google Play Store and App store.

Apart from publishing e-books, the platforms provide digital distribution and marketing services of books in print for authors, publishers, and literary agents.

We offer the finest books to readers scattered all over the world at the click of a button.

We provide quality tools for marketing, distribution, metadata management, and sales reports. At Rekordbreakers, publishers have total control over the price and sales of their books on our website and app.

Who is eligible to publish with Rekordbreakers?

E-book entrepreneurs with legitimate publishing rights can publish their e-books with us; this includes small independent publishers, authors, and literary agents. Authors who have previously published in print through mainstream publishers, or have had their works published in well-respected literary journals, can still publish their e-books with us.

What is your definition of an e-book, and on what devices can an e-book be accessed?

E-books are digital books. The e-books on the Rekordbreakers platforms can be read on your computers and mobile devices.

How do I find books to read?

Browse through the explore section or search for books with the title or author’s name. You can also add books to your library to read later.

How do I become a member?

Click on the “Sign up” button on the website/app. Once you become a member of our platform, ensure you join the Rekordbreakers Book Club to build relationships with other authors and readers. Follow our social media platforms too.

What is the relevance of a free sample?

When an author uploads their books on the Rekordbreakers platforms, they can set the sample size of their books. Most readers would encounter new authors on our website/app. The idea of the free samples can be compared to window shopping; checking out the contents and writing style of the author before making your decision.

How do I publish on the Rekordbreakers platforms?
  • Create an account
  • Craft your book title
  • Write your book description
  • Select the right categories
  • Upload your manuscript
  • Create a book cover
  • Price your book
  • For details,click here

How do I purchase a book on the Rekordbreakers platforms?

Set up your free account. Click on the book you’d like to purchase, follow the next steps of instructions on the website/app to get your book on your preferred device.

How do I review a book on the Rekordbreakers platforms?

Anyone who has purchased a book on any of the Rekordbreakers platforms is entitled to a review. You can review by clicking on the book page. Write your review and also select a star rating to assist other users.

How safe is my credit card on the Rekordbreakers platforms?

When you purchase on the Rekordbreakers website/app, we create a secure communication connection between your web browser and our payment processing provider. For your security, Rekordbreakers does not store your credit card information after your purchase.

What can I publish?

Rekordbreakers platforms are for finished and original written works only (no drafts, works-in-progress, or partial works).

What is your definition of copyright?

Copyright is the legal security of granting an originator exclusive right to publish and sell literary works. The right also extend to musical and other artistic works.

As an author, you own your copyright, which gives you the right to allow others to make copies of your work.

What is my copyright when I publish with Rekordbreakers?

You own your copyright whether you publish with us or not. However, when you publish with Rekordbreakers, you grant us a non-exclusive right to publish, promote, and distribute your book, as well as samples of your book.

What is your privacy policy?

At Rekordbreakers Platforms, we honour the privacy of our clients. We don't spam nor sell or rent your personal information to third parties. Kindly read our complete privacy policy.

When you sign up on Rekordbreakers Platforms, you're automatically signed up for our member newsletter and book club.

How do I pay for books?

Follow the 'Steps to funding your Rekordbreakers' wallet and purchasing a book.

Are Rekordbreakers platforms for andriod phones only?

Rekordbreakers platforms are available on all web-enabled devices.

How long does it take to have my content approved by Rekordbreakers?

An email indicating your publish date will be sent to you.

What counts as prohibited content on the Rekordbreakers platforms?

We encourage freedom of expression on our platforms, but we do not accept pornography, nudity, and/or sexually explicit materials. Adult contents deemed to be offensive will be removed immediately. For more, read our Terms Of Use.

Do you have any word for your fans?

Most people learn about Rekordbreakers through word of mouth, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or news and feature stories on blogs and traditional media. We sincerely appreciate everyone who helps the platforms serve customers better. Keep up the good work!