The New Premier English for Primary Schools 3
Book Name: The New Premier English for Primary Schools 3
Price: ₦ 850.00

Category: Educational Books
About The Book

The New Premier English is designed for high-achieving pupils and schools. It takes a Curriculum Plus approach: it covers the whole of the new 9-Year Basic Education Curriculum for English Studies for primary schools but often treats items earlier and in more depth, and includes additional items. This series will help pupils to have a full grasp of English appropriate for their age and gain mastery of it for daily use and outstanding performance in examinations. Highlights: Communicative approach to make teaching and learning active and lively. Clear language presentation, exercises, and productive activities covering grammar, vocabulary and the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Use of colourful illustrations and photographs to stimulate pupils' interests you imaginations. Accompanying workbooks for additional practice in class and at home.

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