Are you a writer? Are you serious about getting your message out? We help local authors and global writers make their books an awesome reality. We can help project your voice through your written works.

Rekordbreakers is an e-book publishing and distribution platform owned by Books of Record Nigeria Limited. It is a global e-book distributor serving authors, publishers, readers, and major e-book retailers. Rekordbreakers has a web and a mobile app. The app is free for download from Google Play Store and App Store.

We commenced online publication on the 1st of July 2021. Our vision is to be the world's largest distributor of indie e-books and the foremost point of reference in e-book marketing, and distribution, while our mission is to serve our customers with top-notch literary works.

Rekordbreakers is a book publishing/reading platform created to give every author the freedom, tools, and distribution they need to bypass traditional gatekeepers. Rekordbreakers also gives avid readers the opportunity to choose from a plethora of books across all genres.

We offer the finest books to readers scattered all over the world at the click of a button. We provide quality tools for marketing, distribution, metadata management, and sales reports. On the Rekordbreakers platforms, publishers have total control over the price and sales of their books. 

We drive our vision through the desire to publish not only e-books, but also hard copy novels, short fictions, poetry, personal memoirs, monographs, non-fictions, research reports, essays, and other written works.

Apart from literary books for leisure, we ensure millions of people around the world have at their finger tips, well written non-fictional books, and academic textbooks, which they can trust to broaden their horizons intellectually.

We are the publisher of Record Breakers Educational Series (READS), Nigerian Books of Record (NBR), 36 Nigerian States Books of Record, and more. We are also the owner and promoter of READS Campaign Africa. Rekordbreakers have painstakingly published, marketed, and distributed quality books over the years.

To sell your works on the Rekordbreakers platforms, send your submissions, including your data (full name, address, and telephone number) to the email address: readscampaign@gmail.com






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